Dominique Cazanave, known as “Cazo”, whose trade as baker and confectioner has been handed down from father to son, also learnt to elaborate the “Petit Pâté de Pézenas” recipe.
This funny little roll is very popular among locals and foreign tourists. They appreciate it simply warm for the aperitive or as a starter with a green salad.
In 1993, with the help of his wife Hortense, he decides to specialize in the making of the special tasty “Petit Pâté de Pézenas”.
They then create Le Petit Scapin, the first workshop in the region with hand- made products. The name was chosen in honour of the most famous inhabitant of Pézenas, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, better known as Molière.
As Marcel Pagnol said “If Jean-Baptiste Poquelin was born in Paris, Molière was born in Pézenas”, we can say, a few centuries later, “If the Petit Pâté was born in India and Great Britain, the Petit Scapin was born in Pézenas”.
And as in any work of Molière, the best is yet stuffing ...

In order to meet the increasing demand, the Petit Scapin adapted its workshop to current European hygiene standards as well as the strictest HACCP traceability system.

Today, Hortense and Dominique’s son, Clément Cazanave, has joined the family firm to carry on the know-how and the traditional home-made “Petit Pâté de Pézenas”.

From now on, a full range of specialized savoury products as the “tielle” (spicy calmar pie), “chausson à la brandade” (cod turnover), “roulé à la soubressade” (pork roll) and “feuilleté à la tapenade” (puff tapenade) have been added to the Petit Scapin catalogue.

These recipes meet the same quality standards as the “Petit Pâté de Pézenas” in the choice of products and the different phases of making.

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